Specialized in communication, brand and business development we provide the strategy, structure and execution needed to take your mission to the next level. What you´ll learn from working with us will last for years and set you up for outstanding moves, both in the digital and analog world.

We are committed to one of the most overlooked stages in business, as well as in horsemanship:
A quality foundation.

Without a solid foundation, there is no path to performance.




"You have the same commitment to quality and excellence that we do. 

We worked with four other companies before discovering that BARNS & BRANDS really understood how to navigate the landscape of branding and communication to deliver our message to prospective customers in a meaningful way that was true to our principles and beliefs. 

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BARNS & BRANDS helped us to precisely define our mission so that we could clearly communicate our message to prospective customers and they helped sharpen our focus on what is most important to us for the future. We know how to help riders take the most efficient steps to achieve the results they want with their horse, because we've done it before. We've seen it, felt it, and know how to avoid the little detours that don't serve their mission in the long run. 


If a business like our´s is on the fence of working with you, I would tell them to find a company they trust to take care of 'them', and then find a way to work with that company. 


Your expertise has helped us efficiently travel a path to deliver the message, quality and commitment to excellence we want our brands to stand for.  We needed someone who had the expertise to execute what we wanted to accomplish, but we almost more importantly needed someone who understood our goals enough to guide us along the most effective and efficient path to get there. 

We believe Martina can see the path ahead of us, which is reassuring as we navigate new territory."


- Tara Carter,



"You brought brilliant comprehensive perspective to our business.

Clearly, your abilities to assess our situation and formulate a strategy for us not only strengthened our foundation in a powerful way. We are extremely grateful for BARNS & BRANDS designing and implementing much needed new internal structure for our company including improvement of our global customer service and manufacturing processes while working with us to cultivate external brand development opportunities. 


You slayed incredible curveball dragons hidden in our structure that could have seriously damaged our business.

Thank you for being so responsible, honorable and incisive. Your wisdom, talent, skill and heart lives in our improved company and workflows. It is priceless.


- Letitia Glenn,

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Our core team is not only made up of riders and horse owners, we are media professionals and journalists, too. As such, we have created campaigns for L´Oréal, BMW, Deutsche Bank and many more. We are active in the US and in Europe, and work together with a global network of specialists in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Design, e-commerce, web development, SEO, Social Media and Customer Service. 

We love to help businesses who´s mission we align with to create significant + lasting improvements to their performance & results, supporting them realizing their goals.

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