BARNS & BRANDS is a creative agency based in Düsseldorf, Germany, active in the US and in Europe. We draw together passion for good business, strong branding, beautiful design, powerful communication and effective performance with a profound respect for quality horsemanship. 

Our core team is not only made up of riders and horse owners, we are media professionals and journalists, too. As such, we have created campaigns for L´Oréal, BMW, Deutsche Bank and many more. We work together with a global network of specialists in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Web-Development, Design, e-Commerce, SEO, Social Media and Customer Service. 

We create strategies, realize ideas and craft unique brand experiences to grow your business and take your mission to the next level. Our work is interdisciplinary, tailor-made and driven to support the well-being of the horse.


About Martina

From covering the Olympic Games in Athens as Executive Producer for German Television News Agency (DFA) to producing TV commercials for clients like BMW and L’Oréal as the Head of Special Ads/Sales and Marketing at Mediagroup RTL/Bertelsmann, Martina’s expansive career has touched on virtually every aspect of business marketing and communications.

Her two decades of experience includes expertise in business development, marketing and sales strategy, journalism, audio and video production, advertising, digital marketing and more.

It all began with a colt and a trip to California...  

“I had been around horses since my early childhood, but I knew that my level of experience did not necessarily set me up for success with training the six-month-old colt that came into my life in 2010. I spent the summer of 2011 at Atwood Ranch Naturally to learn about Young Horse Development - it´s where I found the skills I was looking for. The most valuable lesson for me was to understand a lifetime would not be enough to learn and comprehend all there is to know about horses.

What I learned about business, I first and foremost learned from my days in news journalism and TV broadcasting, as well as more than a decade in Sales & Marketing for Mediagroup RTL/Bertelsmann. 

Successful business and good horsemanship have a lot in common, certainly more than meets the eye. The experience at Atwood led me to founding BARNS & BRANDS in 2014 to combine both my skills in business & communication with the deep respect and passion I have for good horsemanship.

Since, we’ve been blessed to meet and work with wonderful people and horsemen that we encountered in California and across County Roads throughout the US.”


Martina Vogt, Owner/Founder