About us


It all began with a colt and a trip to California. Even though I had been around horses since my early childhood, I knew that my level of experience didn´t necessarily set me up for success with training a six-month-old colt. My research for concepts and methodologies led me to California... 

I spent the summer of 2011 at Atwood Ranch Naturally where I first learned about Young Horse Development and found the skills that would benefit our partnership. A whole new world opened up to me.

What I learned about horsemanship, I learned first and foremost from horses and the beautiful people and horsemen I encountered in California and across County Roads throughout the US. The most valuable lesson for me was understanding that a lifetime would not be enough to learn and comprehend all that there is to know about horses.  

What I learned about business, I first and foremost learned from my days in news journalism and TV broadcasting, as well as more than a decade in sales & marketing for Mediagroup RTL/Bertelsmann.

Successful business and good horsemanship have a lot in common, certainly more than meets the eye. 

The life-changing experience at Atwood led me to founding BARNS & BRANDS in 2014 to combine both my skills in business & communication with the deep respect and passion I have for good horsemanship. 

Martina Vogt, Owner & Founder